Halal or Not

It is not compulsory being a Halal operator

Operating in the Halal field is just a choice. Nobody is obliged to be or become a Halal certifier, a Halal auditor, a Halal advisor or even a Halal consumer, apart from for a faith fellowship.

— Halaleaks.com

Being a noncompulsory choice seems to make it easier for operators in Halal global industry. Absolutely not. On the contrary, dealing with a voluntary choice makes the respect of the Halal ethical rules obligatory. Lack of respect of the Halal rules is therefore so meaningful as regards liability, honesty and moral integrity.

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Published by Halaleaks

Halal and Haram are clear concepts with no margin for doubt. Those who declare to follow the Halal concept or use the Halal term in their activities have no choice apart from being coherent, hence acting accordingly. Halaleaks is here to put in light the incoherent people and activities, as a contribution in building liability and trust in the Halal global market and industry.

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