Halalnews.info hacked for Halal Leaks article on HQC

Halalnews.info translated article

“We had an attack on our website.  I will send you the French translation. We are fixing the halalnews website…”

— Halalnews.info

Following the publication of the first article (halaleaks.com) on the Halal Quality Control Office (HQC) and Al Chaman’s devil network, the Halalnews.info web news portal has translated the article into French language. The link to the translated article was https://halalnews.info/hqc-un-danger-pour-la-certification-halal/. However, because of this couregeus act, the Halalnews.info has been hacked and it is still being reinstalled. However, Halalnews.info forwarded the translation to Halal Leaks as follows:

Link to the translated article

Write to: ed@halaleaks.com

Published by Halaleaks

Halal and Haram are clear concepts with no margin for doubt. Those who declare to follow the Halal concept or use the Halal term in their activities have no choice apart from being coherent, hence acting accordingly. Halaleaks is here to put in light the incoherent people and activities, as a contribution in building liability and trust in the Halal global market and industry.

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