Halal Quality Control (HQC) scandals: ex collaborators reveal secret misdeeds

Operators of the global Halal market abbandon HQC and Al Chaman

Abdul Munim Al Chaman, the owner of the Halal Slaughtering and Quality Control Office (HQC), the Netherlands, denies his involvement in the HQC, soon after the scandals: “HQC is now managed by my sons: Wasim, Ahmed and Mostafa. I have nothing to do with HQC anymore”.

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HQC’s ex collaborators reveal secret misdeeds

Al Chaman denies his involvment in HQC

Al Chaman embassy-based network breaks down

Poultry slaughterman testimony

Halal CBs abbandon HQC

GAC accreditation to HQC never renewed

ESMA is colluded with HQC

Halalnews.info hacked for Halaleaks article

MUIS case for HQC

Certified companies escape away from HQC




This article gives continuity to the first article (halaleaks.com) denouncing the multiple un-Islamic, unethical and immoral behaviour of the Halal Slaughtering and Quality Control Office (HQC) certification body based in Den Haag, the Netherlands, its Chairman and owner, Mr. Abdul Munim Al Chaman andf his staff.

Following the previous article (halaleaks.com), the Halal Leaks received many replies from major operators of the Halal global market, confirming the denounced misdeeds. In this article we will focus on the additional deeds and misdeeds emerging from the replies received.

We thank all Halal market Operators and Consumers who sent important pieces of information and data that sourced this article.

As requested by the sources and promised by Halal Leaks, no source names will be revealed. All souces will be treated as confidential.

Whoever has information or evidence on HQC, Al Chaman’s family evil network or his unethic actions is welcome to provide us with.

Finally, we assure all Halal market Operators and Consumers, who urged Halal Leaks to publish a blacklist containing Al Chaman’s network, any other HCBs collaborating with HQC and companies certified by them and their certified products. The blacklist will be published as soon as possibile.

We know that you all consider these HCBs and their Halal certified companies untrustworthy and their certified products are unreliable and unusable.

HQC’s ex collaborators reveal secret misdeeds

Halal Leaks received many replies and evidences of misdeeds from ex collaborators of the Halal Slaughtering and Quality Control Office (HQC). Halal Leaks editorial team is still investigating the reliability and correctness of some of the evidences provided. Some verified evidences are extremely shocking. However Halal Leaks decided to postpone their publication.

The ex collaborators of HQC denounced serious misdeeds occuing within HQC. They stated that HQC falsley used their names and signatures on Halal certificates issued by Halal Quality Control (HQC) and on some correspondences sent from HQC to third parties without their authorization and even after the collaboration with HQC ended. HQC and Al Chaman used their names as technical and shariah auditors for Halal certification processes they never reviewed nor approved. On the same Halal certificates there is also the name and signature of Mr. Abdul Munim Al Chaman, the owner and chairman of HQC.

It is now certain, above all reasonable doubt, that the HQC and Al Chaman use false names, signatures and information on the Halal certificates issued by the Halal Slaughtering and Quality Control Office (HQC). This means that all the Halal certification process is false and unreliable. How can Muslim Consumers consume products certified by HQC? How can buyers purchase products certified Halal by HQC? how can other Halal Certification Bodies accept Halal certificates issued by HQC? Finally, how can Accreditation Bodies and recognition Authorities accredit and recognise HQC?

Al Chaman denies his involvment in HQC

Important sources refered to Halal Leaks that Mr. Abdul Munim Al Chaman, owner and chairman of the Halal Quality Control Office (HQC) certification body denies his involvement in HQC anymore. He declares that the management of the HQC passed completely to his sons. So, Al Chaman tries to escape from the responsibility towards Muslims and Halal market Operators he damaged and still damaging.

Well, who is the responsible of the current damaging then? Is he Wasim Al Chaman? Ahmed Al Chaman? Or Mostafa Al Chaman? Their father Abdul Munim Al Chaman shall give us the answer.

Al Chaman embassy-based network breaks down

Following the previous article (halaleaks.com) Mr. Abdul Munim Al Chaman asked SOS to his embassy-based network for emergency intervention to safe his Halal business from the Halal Leaks attack, specially that many certified companies started exiting his fake Halal certification.

Al Chaman has always used his relationships with Islamic countires’ Embassies in the Netherlands in order to cover his illegal and unethical behaviour in Halal certification, using them as a shield. However, the embassies references started retreating back to avoid exposing themselves.

We are so sure that the embassies accomplices will not help Al Chaman anymore. They know that the names of whoever continues helping Al Chaman in his evil plan of currupting the Halal system will be revealed soon. The Al Chaman’s embassy-based network is breaking down. Game is over.

Poultry slaughterman testimony

A gentilman contacted Halal Leaks and denounced serious misdeeds occuring in a poultry slaughterhouse in Europe, which is certified by HQC. Here is his denounce:

Brother or sister, In my Linkedin i have seen the article about Chaman for Halal controling. I am slaughterman in a poultry slaughterhouse and I can tell you Chaman is kafir and the enemy of Islam. I have all the documents for you where the company make non halal chicken and it is sold as halal. Everybody in my company laughs at Chaman. They just need to request batch certificate and pay. No more no less. Please do not mention my name, if anybody knows I will lose my job.

N.B.: The name of the sender and adentifying parts of the text have been masked and treated as confidential. We are sorry for the word “kafir” used by the sender, which does not reppresent the opinion of Halal Leaks.

Halal CBs abbandon HQC

Following the publication of the previous article (halaleaks.com) on HQC and Al Chaman, many Halal Certification Bodies (HCBs) accepted our appeal and decided not to collaborate with HQC amymore. Halal Leaks thanks the honest HCBs that accepted to fight the evil and to combat for the Halal integrity cause. A special thanking goes to those courageous HCBs that declared their position openly and by writing. Halal Leaks decided to publish below some of the HCBs replies forwarded to Halal Leaks by unrevealed sources:

Reply from a European HCB:

Dear Sir/Madam, We thank you for your e-mail and for the trust shown in our organization. Please be informed that HCB has nothing to do with HQC and its practices.

Reply form an Asian HCB:

Dear Sir We do not have any collaboration with Halal Control Office (HQC) as we operate independently. Thank you and regards

Reply from a European HCB:

Dear Sir/Madam, We are horrified and disappointed that something like this even exists. Unfortunately, we are also among the victims, as Mr ….., who worked for us, suddenly switched to HQC and opened a branch of HQC in ….. That was very disappointing for us and as described in your report, he immediately tried to get our customers to join HQC. With cheap offers (vouchers) and all kinds of promises. He destroyed a lot of trust and we don’t want to have anything more to do with this person. It is interesting to mention that Mr. …… suddenly received an academic title (Dr.). See …. List No. ….. We can confidently confirm that Mr. … has never studied or obtained a degree. We have no relationships with an organization like HQC or its employees. Please also inform the accreditation body and apply pressure to remedy this situation as quickly as possible. Thank you again and Allah bless you. P.S .: I am currently working on a report on the untenable conditions of poultry halal certification in …. (gas stunning) and will make it available to you. HQC is also involved here.

N.B.: The name of the senders and adentifying parts of the text have been masked and treated as confidential.

Halal Leaks is aware that some HCBs still collaborate with HQC and Al Chaman, “selling” him Halal certificates for Singapore and Turkey, as HQC are not recognized, and “buying” from him Halal certificates for Malaysia and Indonesia. They even exchange each other’s Halal certificate template, so that they can print and sign the Halal certificates by their own, without any certification process nor auditing.

Halal Leaks gives these HCBs a final occasion to correct their behaviour and breaks their evil alliance with HQC and Al Chaman’s family. Otherwise, their names will be in the blacklist to be published soon.

GAC accreditation to HQC never renewed

A formal source informed Halal Leaks that the international ASEAN Importers Association contacted GAC, inquiring on HQC’s accrediation status. GAC replied informing them that the HQC is no longer accredited by GAC since January 2020. Nevertheless, HQC never informed their Clients of this change. On the contrary, the GAC’s logo is still on the HQC’s web sites and on their marketing papers. Here is the GAC’s reply to the Importers Association:

We understand your concern about the result of halal activities in your economy. It is one of our values to make sure that all halal products are meeting the standards and safely consumable. For that to be met, GAC is constantly verifying the compliance of all accredited CABs to ensure they are consistently complying with standards and procedures. We also would like to state that Halal Control Office (HQC) is no longer accredited by GAC as their accreditation was expired on 09 January 2020, and as far as we know no reference to their accreditation status was made ever since.  For any updated information about the status of Halal certifiers, you may check GAC website on the link below:  http://www.gac.org.sa/en/approved_provider/ We value your interest and care in GAC accreditation services and if you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Best regards

ESMA is colluded with HQC

HQC declare to be accredited for GSO Halal standards in four countries: the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and Irland. The HQC’s office in the Netherlands was accredited by GAC (Attachment 1) only for the Halal certification of the products belonging to Category “L”. i.e. Chemical and Biochemical manufacturing. However, as mentioned above, the GAC’s accreditation for HQC was expired last January 2020 and never renewed. On the other hand, strangely and surprisingly the ESMA’s registration for the HQC’s office in the Netherlands has been renewed on July 2020, i.e. six months after the expiration date of the GAC’s accreditation. Most strangely and surprisingly is that ESMA renewed the registration of HQC’s office in the Netherlands even for the Halal certification of the very critical products belonging to Categories “C”, including bovine, ovine and poultry slaughtering, “E” and “L” (Attachment 2).

Somebody may say that the HQC is accredited by EIAC for its offices in Germany, Denmark and Irland for the same product categories. Yes, it is true. This is verifiable at the EAIC’s web site. However, surprisingly there is no accredited Halal Certification Body on EIAC’s web site in the Netherlands (Attachment 3).

The question is: How could ESMA register the HQC’s office in the Netherlands for the Halal certification of products belonging to the Categories “C”, including bovine, ovine and poultry slaughtering, “E” and “L”, although HQC has no accreditation?

Is ESMA colluded with HQC? We need an official answer from ESMA.

Halalnews.info hacked for Halaleaks article

Following the publication of the first article (halaleaks.com) on the Halal Quality Control Office (HQC) and Al Chaman’s devil network, the Halalnews.info web news portal has translated the article into French language. The link to the translated article was https://halalnews.info/hqc-un-danger-pour-la-certification-halal/. However, because of this courageous act, the Halalnews.info has been hacked and it is still being reinstalled. However, Halalnews.info forwarded the translation to Halal Leaks: translated article.

MUIS case for HQC

MUIS (Singapore) faced a long internal intevstigation because of the Al Chaman’s accusations against MUIS, because MUIS delisted the Halal Quality Control Office (HQC) from the Foreign Halal Certification Bodies (FHCB).

As Esa Masood, MUIS’s CE, explained in a note on MUIS’ Facebook page:

MUIS have taken the allegations seriously and done a comprehensive investigation. The investigations comprised three stages – an internal investigation team, an independent review panel as well as review by the Ministry of Community, Culture and Youth. The investigations have found that Muis’ processes are sound, and the recognition and delisting of FHCBs have been carried out by its officers in a fair and impartial manner. All recognition, renewal or delisting of FHCBs followed approved internal protocols, and there were reasonable, objective grounds for the delisting of FHCBs. Any allegations of abuse of power by the Muis officer in handling the FHCB cases are completely unfounded.

In the interest of accountability and transparency, Muis has also referred the matter to Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB), and will fully assist any investigations into this matter. As the investigations have revealed the possibility that official information has been publicly disclosed, Muis has also lodged a police report.Muis recognises that while there are currently well-established processes and SOPs for the recognition of FHCBs, these can be further enhanced given the evolving nature of the industry landscape. We will conduct a comprehensive review of the FHCB recognition framework, with the revised framework to be implemented by the end of 2021.Moving forward, Muis will continue to ensure a robust recognition process to uphold public confidence in imported ingredients used by halal certified food establishments and manufacturers.We thank all parties who have assisted with the investigation, as well as the Muslim community for the strong support and confidence in Muis’ certification mark.

Read the full media release here: https://bit.ly/2KoyIEn

Certified companies escape away from HQC

Following the publication of the first article (halaleaks.com) on the Halal Quality Control Office (HQC) and Al Chaman’s devil network many Companies, which are currently certified by HQC informed Halal Leaks that they have been scammed by the fraudulent way used by HQC and its management. The Companies expressed their willing to interrupt the certification contract. Some of the Companies is also willing to prosecute HQC and its management legally.

Halal Leaks is preparing the blacklist containing the list of all companies, HCBs and any other organisation or persons who are still helping Al Chaman’s family and HQC’s evil network in pursueing their illegal and unethical plan to corrupt the Halal intergrity in the global market.


This is an appeal to JAKIM, MUI, MUIS, ESMA, EIAC, GAC, SMIIC, SFDA, SASO and all other Halal stakeholders: you are the Guarantor of the Halal integrity worldwide. Muslims watch you as trust and reliability source in Halal certification field. Our appeal is also addressed to Halal Certification Bodies, which have equivalent huge responsibility as assessors and certifiers of the truth and comformity to Shariah not only of products but also of behaviour. Please continue the started course to definitely stop Halal Slaughtering and Quality Control Office (HQC) and its un-Islamic, unethical and immoral behaviour.

We are confident that you will have the same strength and determination to stop Mr. Al Chaman and his HQC. It is time to definitely stop his danger that threatens the Global Halal Market & Industry Integrity.

Write to: ed@halaleaks.com

Published by Halaleaks

Halal and Haram are clear concepts with no margin for doubt. Those who declare to follow the Halal concept or use the Halal term in their activities have no choice apart from being coherent, hence acting accordingly. Halaleaks is here to put in light the incoherent people and activities, as a contribution in building liability and trust in the Halal global market and industry.

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