HQC: tax evasion in all over the place – what does the Dutch finance police think?

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HQC: luxury, “waste” and rock and roll. Is this the moderm Halal Integrity?

Coming soon: Halal Slaughtering and Quality Control Office (HQC) never ceases to amaze us. Al Chaman and his sons would like to teach the Halal Operators the new generation of the Halal integrity, signed by sinful, secular and luxurious life style. Nothing to do with Islam and its teachings.

— Halaleaks.com

It seems that the Al Chaman family is now used to transferring large sums of money out of the European Union to evade taxes. The Metropol for Halal Materials, Foods and Cosmetics FZE is a Free Zone trading company based in the United Arab Emirates and registered to Wasim Al Chaman, son of Abdel Munim Al Chaman, owner and Chairman of the Halal Quality Control (HQC). This company is used by Al Chaman as an offshore company to illegally divert HQC’s revenue in order to avoid paying taxes in the Netherlands, which is a crime. Examples of invoices issued by the Metropol for Halal Materials, Foods and Cosmetics FZE trading company to some HQC’s client companies based in Belgium are in Attachment 1, Attachment 2, Attachment 3, and Attachment 4. An example of a payment statement issued made by a HQC’s client company based in Denmark towards the Metropol for Halal Materials, Foods and Cosmetics FZE trading company are in Attachment 5. Both the invoices and the payment statement are for Halal certification services. In fact, at the lower part of the invoices, among the “Terms”, it states that:
Please pay within the term in order to avoid any blocking of services, such as an issuance of the Halal Certificate or an audit”.

How can a trading company issue Halal certificates? Is this company accredited or recognised by the international Authorities?

We renew our appeal to JAKIM, MUI, MUIS, ESMA, EIAC, GAC, SMIIC, SASO, SFDA and all other Halal stakeholders: keep guaraneeing the Halal integrity. Muslims watch you as trustworthy and reliabile source of Halal products. It is time to definitely stop the Halal Slaughtering and Quality Control Office (HQC) un-Islamic, unethical and immoral behaviourh, which is a dangerous threat for the Global Halal Market & Industry Integrity.

Many Halal market Operators, Halal certified Companies and Consumers urged Halaleaks to publish a blacklist of Al Chaman’s HCBs network, the other HCBs collaborating with HQC and their Halal certified companies and products, as they consider these HCBs and their Halal certified companies untrustworthy and their certified products are unreliable and unusable. Halaleaks assures you that we are working on it and it will be published as soon as possibile. Whoever useful data on it, please provide it. The source is treated as confidential.

Halaleaks also thanks all Halal market Operators and Consumers who provided the important information and data that sourced this article. Whoever has more information or evidence on Al Chaman’s evil network or his unethic actions is kindly invited to provide it. Halaleaks guarantees that the source will be treated as confidential.

Write to: ed@halaleaks.com

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Published by Halaleaks

Halal and Haram are clear concepts with no margin for doubt. Those who declare to follow the Halal concept or use the Halal term in their activities have no choice apart from being coherent, hence acting accordingly. Halaleaks is here to put in light the incoherent people and activities, as a contribution in building liability and trust in the Halal global market and industry.

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